Leigh's Lost and Found: an amazing reunion! A German Shepherd missing for four months is found!

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a special update. We first told you about a missing German Shepherd in July.

That's when Sadie ran off in Springfield while being transported to a new home in Wisconsin.

This girl has a special backstory and now, she has a happy ending to it.

"It's us, do you remember?"
This reunion outside Springfield's animal control, was four months in the making.

Sadie was originally owned by Karen Teague's brother. Jack Kinney was a veteran who died from cancer at just 34 years old.

The German Shepherd had been missing since July when she escaped from the rescue group transporting her to her new home.

"Sadie is just a strong dog. She just pulled away."

We talked with Karen back then from her home in Texas. She drove to Springfield to help search, but turned up nothing.

"Come on Sadie, there you go."

She recently made that drive again, but this time, it was to pick up Sadie after animal control got involved.

Josh Doss with animal control says, "we'd had reports recently of a dog running loose near Nichols Park, that no one could get close to. So we set a trap earlier in the week and managed to catch her on Thursday."

A rescue partner sent a picture of that dog to Karen.

"I just knew it was her."

And she and her kids got on the road.

"You ready to go back to Texas?"

The timing of this reunion is extra special to them, falling on the one year anniversary of Jack's death.

"It sent us comfort, it sent us peace. It just lets us know that everything is going to be okay. Our faith has gotten us through this."

Her adventure on the streets of Springfield now over, Sadie was happy to hop into the front seat with her reunited family and make the trek back to Texas.

"It was just really comforting to get her back this weekend for sure."

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