Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a Fox hound puppy bumped by a car

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, our lost dog is lucky he survived his time on the road.

This puppy was roaming loose on Seminole street when he got in the path of a car.

"He had been witnessed being bumped by a car. We went out there to pick him up and we took him to the emergency vet and he had no injuries other than a minor limp that has gone away very quickly."

Animal control believes the male pup is a Fox Hound or Tree Walker Hound mix based on his markings and long legs.

He's only about eight to 10 months old. He has a faded camo collar on and also a flea collar.

He's a little on the thin side but shelter coordinator Josh Doss says that doesn't mean he hasn't been well taken care of.

"I think that's because he's in that around eight month growth spurt where he starts getting close to his adult size and he just outpaced his body weight."

If you recognize today's featured dog or if you've lost a pet, call animal control at 417-833-3592. You can also visit their website to see pictures of all the animals there and to fill out an online lost pet form.

Another great resource is the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Anyone can post a lose or found animal on there anytime, so be sure to like the page and share it with your friends.

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