Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a Terrier mix found in traffic and also a lost rescue/foster dog

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, we're featuring a lost dog that wandered into a dangerous situation.

This guy is lucky he wound up at animal control instead of being hit by a car.

"He was in the 5700 block of south Robberson which is very close to Campbell, heading out to Nixa and Ozark, which is a very busy road. Luckily, he was staying in the neighborhood off Campbell there. He walked up to someone's house, panting pretty hard. So that person took him in, gave him water and called us to pick him up."

Shelter coordinator Josh Doss believes the male dog is a Terrier/Hound mix, possibly part Boston Terrier. He's about three years old.

He did not have anything on him like a collar, tag or chip but he has been neutered so someone has owned him at some point. He's also in really good condition and is very social with people and other dogs.

If you recognize today's featured dog or if you've lost a pet, call animal control at 417-833-3592. You can also click on the related link to visit their website.

You'll also find a link to my Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Today, we're showcasing a rescue/foster dog on there that is lost.

Mandy, a Golden Lab mix, was recently saved by Havaheart rescue from a puppy mill. On Saturday, she slipped past her foster mom and took off. She's been seen since in rural west Nixa near a solar farm.

Please do not call out, or chase Mandy. She has been treated poorly by humans her entire life, and will run in fear.
Report any sightings to Cady O'Quinn 417-761-2828.

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