Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a lost Dachshund.Spaniel mix

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found, our featured dog was not the dog animal control originally went to pick up on north Fremont Avenue on January 23rd, but he wound up with them anyway.

"We actually were called out about about a Shepherd mix that someone had found. It walked up to their car and they were holding him there until we got there. In the meanwhile, while an officer was en route, this dog walked up and joined them."

Shelter coordinator Josh Doss isn't sure if the two dogs are actually from the same family, but he says the Dachshund/Spaniel mix gets along great with the Shepherd Hound mix. Theyre hanging out in the same kennel.

Both were found in the 2300 block of north Fremont. The Dachshund is about three to four years old and had an old, tattered collar on.

He also hasn't been neutered, which can become a big problem as we head into spring.

"Their hormones, especially once it gets warmer, say hey, it's time to go find a girlfriend and they will escape your yard and go look for one."

If you recognize either the Dachshund or the Shepherd mix, or if you've lost a pet, call animal control at 417-833-3592. You can also visit their website to see pictures of all the animals currently there and to fill out an online lost pet form.

Another great resource is the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Anyone can post a lost or found animal on there so be sure to like the page and share it with your friends.

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