Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a severely wounded dog saved by Rescue One

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a plea for help for a dog found so badly wounded, veterinarians weren't sure they could save her.

It's believed this dog was attacked by another animal at some point and she never got any vet care, until it was almost too late. Then, Rescue One stepped in.

A warning, some of the video in this story could be disturbing.

It's a careful and painstaking process to move the dog, now named Imelda, to an examination table at Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital.

One of the veterinarians there tells us, "she was definitely pretty critical yesterday."

Imelda arrived here on Monday, suffering from a serious wound and infection that had split her stomach skin open.

"I've dealt with emaciated dogs, dogs with gunshot wounds, hit by vehicles and this by far, has been the worst that I've seen."

Rescue One volunteer Miriam Minter brought Imelda here after picking her up in Lamar, her owner unable to pay for vet care.

"She didn't cry in pain, she just gave you a look like, help me. That's all she wanted, was help and she wanted you to love on her."

The vet did emergency surgery but still, almost lost her.

Miriam says, "I understand she stopped breathing so they did have to do CPR to revive her, but she has a will to live."

As bad as her wounds were, Imelda is already on the mend, gobbling down treats to get some much needed meat on her bones.

Now, Rescue One just needs some help with her vet bill and a good foster home to get Imelda on the road to a normal, pain free life full of love.

"Her vet bill is going to be about in the 500-600 dollar range and we are looking for a foster, she currently does not have a foster. She's going to be an amazing dog once she heals."

If you'd like like to help out with Imelda's care or offer to foster, click on the related link for Rescue One's website.

One final fun fact? Imelda in Spanish means powerful fighter.

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