Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring an escape artist breed

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 11:15 AM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, our featured dog is a gorgeous Husky mix, one of those breeds known as an escape artist according to animal control.

"Huskies tend to like to be active in general and when they're left to their own devices they get bored and they get into trouble. He was found in the 2000 block of north Marion Avenue, just kind of wandering around, looking for friends."

It doesn't help that the male dog is not fixed. Animal control thinks he's pretty young, just about a year old and is likely mixed with a Shepherd.

He is well taken care of with a good weight and clipped nails but he did not have a tag, collar or microchip when he was picked up.

He has a lot of energy but also loves a good belly rub and knows a few basic commands.

If you recognize this dog, call animal control at 417-833-3592. You can also click on the link to their website so you can check out all the animals currently at the shelter.

If you need to post a lost or found animal, click on the link to the Leigh's Lost and Found page.