Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring an older Coonhound with skin issues

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found report, our featured dog was found seeking shelter in a person's shed in the 1500 block of west Webster.

She likely wanted to get out of the elements because of some major hair loss.

"She's got some skin issues that have led to a lot of hair loss across her back and on her rear end. It's a little bit itchy but otherwise, with some medicated bathing, she could probably recover from that pretty easily."

This sweet girl is older too, possibly nine or 10 years old. Animal control believes she's a Coonhound mix.

She was found with an older black collar on but no tags or chip. Along with her skin condition, she's also a little underweight.

But she's very socialized and good with other animals so that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have a family looking for her.

"It might just be an ongoing issue. She is older and older dogs tend to have skin issues as they age, so it could just be a product of her being an older girl."

if you happen to know where this older girl belongs or if you've lost your pet, call animal control at 417-833-3592.

Another great resource is the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Anyone can post a lost or found animal on there so be sure to like the page and share it with your friends.

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