Leigh's Lost and Found, year in review: What a great year for successful reunions!

Published: Jan. 1, 2020 at 2:11 PM CST
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In my Leigh's Lost and Found today, a look back at some of the more memorable reunions you helped happen in 2019 by sharings posts and keeping a watchful eye for possible matches on the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page.

Who could forget the happy reunion this summer, four years in the making? Rango the pit bull was stolen from his family in Springfield, who eventually moved away to Tennessee.

But they never gave up hope and one day, Rango turned up at animal control and his chip led back to his real family. Two of the Lost and Found volunteers drove him hundreds of miles for this emotional meet up.

A more recent story involves Salem, a cat missing for nine months. Turns out, he didn't get very far.

A neighbor of Salem's owner saw him posted on my page and realized it was the same cat they'd been feeding and giving shelter to, thinking he was a stray. They made the match and got Salem back home.

Then there's Keira, a little toy Poodle that went missing from a local hotel.

She had been missing for almost a month when someone picked her up, dirty and just a mess, and took her to a vet where they scanned her microchip and got her back home to her very worried family.

Their message? Never give up!

Garfield the cat was originally posted as missing on Feb 20th. Someone did find him but thought he was a stray and took him in. But just to be sure, they posted him as a found cat on my page In April.

One of my volunteers recognized his clipped ear and made the match and Garfield was reunited! His very happy family echoed the never give up message.

"It's just like the stars all aligned and it was perfect timing."

And then, there's Minnie, a little Pekignese missing for two years. Her owner Nathan Roberts, says she got loose from his brother's house in

Sparta and he had given up hope of seeing her again.

But in April, she popped up on my page as found in Brookline and with the help of Rescue one, he was able to finally get his best friend back home.

"The truth is, I really need her, I really needed a companion animal. She's been really good emotional support."

If you have a long lost pet, please submit it to the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. We can repost them every three days.

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