Liberty Utilities building new wind farm in Jasper, Dade, Lawrence and Barton Counties

NEAR GOLDEN CITY, Mo. -- Liberty Utilities is beginning work on the new Kings Point wind farm located in Jasper, Dade, Lawrence and Barton Counties.

Liberty Utilities is putting up 69 wind turbines near Golden City. They will stretch for several miles over four counties.

The turbines should start going up by June. Construction crews must first build a construction headquarters and a temporary concrete plant. The base of each wind turbine takes a huge amount of concrete. And there is not a concrete plant anywhere nearby.

"So right now they'll see some increased traffic with mostly gravel coming in and heavy equipment," said Shaen Rooney, Liberty Utilities Senior Manager of Strategic Projects. "They'll be doing some road improvements. Logistics are a big part of this project. They'll be bringing some big equipment into the area, some large wind turbines, so we have to prepare the area's infrastructure to receive all those deliveries."

The utility is currently building two more wind farms in Barton County and Neosho County in Kansas.