Grant provides funding to make videos for non-English speaking families

Published: May. 23, 2018 at 5:21 AM CDT
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The Springfield-Greene County Library just received a grant to make videos in five different languages.

The videos will help people understand the services available to them at their local library.

Through these next few summer months, the Springfield-Greene County Library will be busy making the videos for families and they will be able to be watched anywhere at any time through the library's youtube channel.

Organizers hope to have the videos completed by the fall.

The library is partnering with Springfield Public Schools to show the videos to non-English speaking families in the fall at Family Literacy Nights.

"Our main partner is Springfield Public Schools and we're going to be working with the ELL which is the English Language Learners programs and they offer family literacy nights where they target non-English speaking families so we'll be working with them so that we can host these family literacy nights and we can show them the library video in their native language then," Reference Manager Tysha Shay said.

The library wanted to do more to make sure non-English speaking families can use its public resources.

"The library has resources available to them, that will help them find housing, jobs, or other things like that, that may be useful," Shay said. "So while there are other organizations and things like that in town, the library has 10 locations 5 in the city and 5 outside in the county, so we might be more available, be more accessible for a lot of these folks to come in."

The videos will be made in Arabic, Burmese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili. The most used non-English speaking languages in the area.

The Library Service Improvement Grant will provide $8,403 to make those videos.

Here's a link to the Springfield-Greene County Library's Youtube channel:

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