Local bike shops see spike in sales, struggle to restock

Published: May. 17, 2020 at 9:38 PM CDT
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Local bicycle shops are seeing a spike in sales, but are struggling to keep up with the demand because of manufacturing slowdowns.

At A & B Cycle in Springfield, bike sales have skyrocketed.

"It's been completely bonkers," said Assistant Sales Manager Bryant Johnson. "It's kind of unprecedented to be this low on stock of bikes."

Johnson said people want to stay active even while under stay-at-home orders.

"People just sat around for so long, they're getting bored," he said.

Craig Erickson has owned Downhill Bikes in Branson for nearly 25 years. He said this is the busiest he's ever been.

"Cycling is inherently social distancing. You can't ride that close to somebody," Erickson said.

While the coronavirus might be driving sales, the pandemic is also putting bikes on back order.

"My store in particular sells a lot of mid-range mountain bikes and they're simply not available," Erickson said.

Johnson said manufacturing plants in Asia have been closed for months and shops are running out of bikes to sell.

"We're just kind of hitting that point where we still have some trickling in, but like, two weeks from now, we could have half as many bikes as we have now," Johnson said.

Both Johnson and Erickson said most bikes won't be coming in until late summer, or even the fall, which could cause big problems for local bike stores.

"Some people probably will lose their businesses because they can't get the product to sell," Erickson said.

Erickson said he's shifting gears, focusing on fixing bikes now, hoping that will hold him over.

Johnson said there's no way to know when the supply chain will be back to normal.

"Even though we're super low, we're still selling a lot of what we've got left," Johnson said.

A & B Cycle is ordering types of bikes they don't normally carry, so they can have some in stock right now. Some of those more popular models might take until October or November to come in.

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