Local dinosaur bone hunters discovering new fossils

Published: Jun. 2, 2017 at 9:42 AM CDT
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A local group of Dinosaur hunters is wrapping up a trip to Wyoming today. They'll be back home this weekend with new bones for display at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.

Matt Forir of the Missouri Institute of Natural Science showed us the view in the video. He said, "This is a 360 degree view of dinosaur country. That is 67 year million year old rock and sandstone and clay..."

Dinosaur Country is also known as Eastern Wyoming in an area between Lusk and Newcastle. And., yes it is beautiful and bountiful too for our local bone hunters.

Matt Forir told us via Skype, "Every time we dig a few more inches we find another one, just stacked on top of each other like a pile of wood."

The scientific name for the creatures behind the bones Matt mentioned; a Hadrosaur. They may have died a cruel death.

Matt explains, "These are the duck-billed dinosaurs. This bone bed... we're still trying to figure out the geology behind it. But, it looks like a herd of dinosaurs got swept away in a flash flood."

The 8 person crew will carefully log detailed information about the bones and fragments. The pieces of history will get labelled and then, driven back here to the Ozarks.

Matt says, "We're actually bringing back a truckload of fossils coming in Saturday night... "

You can see the new discoveries at an open house and fundraiser next Friday night, June 9th. The Missouri Institute of Natural Science is hosting a 1 mile fun run and a 5k run-walk. It's called the Raptor Run.

Look over to the right of your screen on desktop monitors to see the link for registration information.