Local fire department donating bunker gear to in-state departments

ROBY, Mo. -- A small Texas County fire department is looking to help out other fire departments, just one year after its future looked bleak.

Last January, the Roby Fire Department didn't have a working fire truck. The department was just weeks from closing. Now, the department has new fire trucks and donated bunker gear to give to other departments here in Missouri.

Recently, The Ferrell Foundation in New York donated roughly 200 sets of bunker gear to be given away to other departments.

There are shoes, some still in the box, as well as helmets and other useful gear.

All the donated gear was cleaned and inspected before it was given to Roby.

Departments from all over the state are already showing interest.

Roby is glad they are now in a position to help.

"I put on Facebook today that we had gear to donate, and within an hour, between myself and my assistant chief, we've had over 70 fire departments in the state of Missouri, asking to come get this stuff, the bunker gear," Roby Fire Department Chief Rick Bresette told KY3.

"Just being able to see that there are other departments that struggle and that we can have the ability to help them, kind of boots our morale in a way," Roby Firefighter Gary Parrish explained.

The gear will go out first come, first serve.

Interested departments can contact Roby via the department's Facebook page.