Many Springfield doctors ask state for 3 month "shelter in place" order

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Greene County health leaders say the Health Department is drafting tighter restrictions to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a three-week shelter in place order for Michigan residents to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The Greene County Medical Society, which represents hundreds of local doctors, are asking for a lengthy time of staying at home-- excluding essential business.

Kansas City and St. Louis already have a 30 day shelter in place order, now many Springfield community doctors are calling for similar measures statewide. The society is asking state leaders for anywhere from a 3-week to 3-month order to shelter in your home. They prefer three months, but realize it would have a significant impact on businesses.

"The more we allow them to be in contact, the more outbreaks, the more it's going to put more of a strain on the economy as well, and for a longer time," said Dr. Morton.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson says he is monitoring the situation. His office sent us this statement late Monday afternoon.

"At this time, Governor Parson is not planning a “statewide mandate of sheltering in place.” He is monitoring the situation very closely. We will keep you updated if this were to change," said Kelli Jones, spokesperson for the governor's office.

"Seattle is already seeing decreasing numbers from their two to three weeks mandate so if we can continue to do that here, then we're going to see that improvement," said Dr. Kayce Morton. She is president of the Greene County Medical Society. "If we don't do it here in the whole state, then we're not going to see improvements at all."

Morton's plea, along with her colleagues is easy to understand, but hard to swallow. She says the place to be is at home, or else.

"So what we do today is going to effect us in 2 to 3 weeks and that will show us what our numbers are doing. As is, at this rate, we are doubling our numbers every three to four days. If we don't do something more drastic, then you are just going to see that number continue to increase."

Morton pointed out that the mortality rate is higher at that 60 and above age range, but she said hospitalizations from the doctors she is talking to in other cities like Seattle and New York City-- the higher number of hospitalizations are actually in the 20 to 50 year old range.