Local mom warns parents to check Easter candy after surprising find

SUMMERSVILLE, Mo. -- One local mom is warning parents to check your child's Easter basket, after finding something other than candy in one of her son's Easter eggs.

Halloween is the holiday most parents think to check their children's candy for anything suspicious. But now you're being warned to check your child's candy at Easter as well.

"You have to be safe for your children or be their lookout," Stacy Fiske told KY3.

Recently, Stacy Fiske's four-year-old son was opening plastic eggs from his Easter basket he was given at daycare in Summersville.

"I was standing over him and he picked one up and he said, mommy this is something like medicine. I looked at it and it did. It looked like a red capsuled pill and I thought, what is that," Fiske said.

Stacy thought maybe it was some red, powdered sugar.

"Upon further inspection, when we pulled it out, it was a piece of foam, she noted. I stuck it in water and it enlarged into a unicorn shape."

She was glad her son didn't put it in his mouth.

"It possibly would have got lodged in his throat or his esophagus, causing choking," Fiske explained.

The grow capsules as they are listed online, aren't to be ingested, but are fun to drop into water. But kids might not know what they are.

Fiske says she knows it wasn't intentionally meant to hurt a child, but it could have.

"It worries me that there is a manufacturer out there making something fun for children that resembles a pill," Fiske added.

Ozark Medical Center Nurse Practicioner Hilda Newell says parents need to look for certain signs in their child's candy.

"If the wrapping is on incorrectly or looks like it's been tampered with, Newell exclaimed. If it is a brand name or from a manufacturer that they don't recognize and they don't think it looks right, we really want them to throw those away."

Newell says don't let your children eat baked goods from strangers and call poison control and visit a doctor immediately if your child ingests something suspicious.