Springfield pharmacist indicted by grand jury on manslaughter charges

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OZARK, Mo. -- Pharmacist Gary Grove, who owns all the Grove Pharmacy stores in Springfield, has been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter.

Grove was just charged after a car crash that happened back in June.

The crash was along Selmore Road in Ozark, where it's head to head traffic. A grand jury in Christian County indicted Grove for what court records say was criminal negligence when Grove crossed center line, and hit a 44-year-old man on a motorcycle. Skip Wayne was killed. He was vacationing to the Ozarks from Fort Worth, Texas.

Court records say it was negligence in that Grove drove on the wrong side of the road, and was speeding.

Grove does maintain a valid license to dispense prescriptions.

"They sent out the hit squad. The U.S. Marshall's and they come out in mass and arrest you and take you to jail and fingerprint you and mug shot you and take you to the jail in Christian County which is all a needless exercise of futility," defense attorney Dee Wampler explained of his client. "All they had to do is pick up the phone and call us and say you need to bring your client in. So I'm a little disappointed in the way that it was handled. It was a careless and imprudent driving charge for 5 months, and after thinking about it, they (the state) decided to up the ante and make it a manslaughter charge... just on the grounds that he swerved over the center line, so we'll wait and see, we don't have any of the reports yet."

Grove's arraignment is set for Thursday. We should know much more after that, when now secret documents should be open. If convicted on this Class E felony charge, the maximum punishment is 4 years in prison, or one year in the county jail, and/or a $5,000 fine.