Local vape shop owner reacts to calls for flavor bans, age restrictions and health concerns

Published: Nov. 9, 2019 at 8:46 PM CST
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As concerns continue to swirl around the e-cigarette and vaping industry, one local vape shop owner is reacting to the most recent news from President Trump and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

"It will hurt business some because I have a lot of customers that are 18 to 21. That's our mid-range here," Johnathon Tune told KY3.

Jonathon Tune opened his vape store six weeks ago, in the small town of Roby.

And while business has been steady, on Friday, President Trump said his administration plans to raise the minimum vaping age to 21.

But plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes might be dialed back.

Vaping supporters says it will do more harm than good.

"About 90 percent of my flavors are all fruity flavors, Tune added. That's just the number one seller. Nobody likes the main flavors, like tobacco flavor or stuff like that. Nobody wants those. They want the fruity flavors because it gives them the taste they want in it."

Tune believes that won't stop customers from getting flavors.

"People are still going to make it on the streets if that's what they want. Mostly anybody can buy vape-mixing products, whether they follow the recipe or not. That's up to them. They can ban it, but it's still accessible out on the streets."

Health officials have issued strong warnings against homemade vaping juices.

The CDC recently reported vaping-related lung injuries, all had one common chemical found in samples of their lung fluid - Vitamin E acetate.

THC was identified in 82 percent of the samples.

Nicotine was identified in 62 percent.

Safety regulations are tightening up.

Tune says the FDA will be paying his store a visit any day now as he gears up to make certain flavors and juices at his store.

"With us making juices in house, they actually have to approve of that so I can actually be a re-seller to other stores," Tune explained.

He says he understands the stigma around vaping right now, as he hopes to change it for the better.

"I'm trying to make a better reputation for vaping," he exclaimed.

The FDA does not have the authority to raise the smoking age, however several state and local governments have raised the smoking age from 18 to 21.

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