Locally owned business robbed of more than a thousand dollars in Branson

BRANSON, Mo.-- Merve Feik is the owner of Prehistoric Fossils in downtown Branson.
He's been in business for more than three years.

"Who doesn't love dinosaurs? and all the fossils and everything here is real so the kids really like the fact that they can see the real stuff," said Feik

But, when he came to work early Saturday morning, he noticed one of his expensive items he knew he didn't sell was missing. Then he checked his surveillance video.

"So I started watching through until I found the two that came in and stole it and a bunch of other stuff from us, " said Feik

He said he doesn't recognize the couple, but said they sure knew their way around the store.

"He would grab something and she would walk next to him, you can see her open her purse up and drop it, and he grabbed an expensive Megladon shark tooth and tucked it into his pants," said Feik.

The pair in the pictures got away with nearly 1400 dollars worth of merchandise that Feik said will probably be sold on a third party website.

"We are a mom and pop business, we cannot afford to take those kinds of hits, a corporation is one thing, but a mom and pop store thats devastating," said Feik.

He said he has a filed a police report with Branson Police and is installing more cameras in his shop.

"Been a lot more vigilant with people, getting up and conversing with people that I am afraid maybe didn't have the best intentions when they come in and it was probably not the case, but they have jaded me just a little bit," said Feik.

He is urging all stores in the area to be on high alert and to call the police if they spot the couple.