Missouri State University president says university will roll back tuition rates

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 2:56 PM CDT
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The Missouri State University (MSU) president said Monday the Board of Governors will be voting tuition rates down from its initial 2019-2020 decision.

"Now that Governor Parson has signed the budget that came through, we'll be taking to our Board of Governors on Friday a revised fee resolution," said Clif Smart, Missouri State University President. "The increase for this year is really only an inflationary increase at 1.9%."

The new tuition rate will cost in-state undergraduate students an extra $6 per credit hour. Initially, that number was $10.

The Board of Governors of Missouri State University signed off on the tuition raise in April. The resolution said the board would "consider a fee schedule amendment to reduce the increase in the undergraduate Missouri resident regular instruction credit hour cost."

Smart said the tuition rate for out-of-state undergraduate, graduate and professional students has already been set, and it will not be as low as in-state students.

"Typically our pattern has been that that goes up at twice the rate that in-state does," he said. "Those are all going up about 3.8%, in state students go up 1.9%, that's consistent with our pattern."

One MSU student said a hike in any tuition rate makes a difference.

"The classes are already pretty high," said MSU student Erin Thomas."[The raise in tuition] is going to mean a lot towards me, since I'm paying it, so I'm not pretty happy about that."

Smart said tuition rates aren't the only thing to change now that the governor has passed the 2020 budget.

"Not only will we be rolling tuition back, we've put money into additional scholarships so that those that struggle the most to pay for school, there will be more need-based aid," he said.

"It's kind of like, we're doing this, but you guys are getting this in return," Thomas said. "More scholarships, I mean, everyone would be excited for that."

Smart said the budget also accounts for a drop in enrollment. He said he is confident the board will vote to pass the new tuition rates Friday.

"It will," he said. "Everyone is excited about it."

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