MSU counseling center sees staggering increase

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- The number of Missouri State University students seeking help for mental health is sky- rocketing.

MSU has a counseling center for students who need to talk to someone. that center now seeing a record number of students.

Since 2015 the number of students coming into the counseling center has increased almost 50 percent.
Students concerned about stress, anxiety, depression and suicide.
Just this year at least two MSU students have committed suicide.

While the increase in students needing counseling puts a strain on resources officials say it's worth it.

"Its a positive thing. We are reaching more people who need help and the kind of help they get here is going to make them more successful in all areas in their life," said MSU Director of Counseling Rhonda Lesley.

MSU isn't the only place seeing that big jump in numbers. It's happening across the country in what some are calling a "campus mental health crisis."

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