FIT LIFE: Maintain muscle tone despite limited mobility

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 8:49 AM CST
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Ky3's Paul Adler and Pam Morris with XFit answer a viewer request for a workout for people with limited mobility.

Here's what Pam wrote:

Limited mobility may be caused by an accident, disease, or can be a result orthopedic impairment. Exercises in seated positions can be done with range of motion, light weights, tubing, bands, fitness loops and are easily done at home or special classes like Silver Sneakers and floor and chair yoga. Types of these exercises may include: Seated rows Seated presses Seated slow twists Knee and hip extensions Sears calf raises Overhead reaches Chair angels (making angel wing- like movements) Slow head turns These exercises will benefit individuals who need to maintain muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and posture. As the mobility improves, individuals can attempt chair squat (chair sits), wall and/or counter push-ups and assisted standing hip and balance work. Pamela Morris BS, MPA