Make your home more energy efficient and get cash back

Making just a few changes to your house is a win-win from Springfield's City Utilities. This fall you can make your home more energy efficient and get some cash back for doing it.

It's an upfront investment, but experts say it's worth it.

"Typically has the fastest payback and affects your bills the most. Upgrading insulation would be the number one thing to do," said Cara Shaefer with City Utilities.

CU customers can get a twenty percent rebate up to three hundred dollars for the total cost of insulation upgrades. Going green means your home will be more energy efficient. Plus ... it puts more green in your wallet.

"Almost fifty percent of your total energy bill goes to heating or cooling your home year round," she said.

Act now. You'll save more and CU wants three to five weeks to process your application. This program does not require upgrading insulation in all areas. Meaning, it doesn't have to be a huge project. All rebates one hundred dollars or less will be applied to your utility bill.

IF you're not a CU customer, just ask your power company if they have any rebate programs.

City Utilities has already done the work for you to help you find a reputable insulation company. They have a list of licensed and insured companies.