Man sues Barry County after suffering serious injuries while in jail

CASSVILLE, Mo. - Martin Davis said back in 2015 he was assaulted by an inmate at the Barry County jail. He said his head was slammed against a metal table and toilet.

Davis said, "I received four stitches from the hospital, but afterwards from that I started suffering a severe stutter. For roughly about a year my left eye would not focus right."

But, according to Davis, it didn't stop there. In his lawsuit he said he was assaulted three more times and suffered more head injuries.

"Still to this day I've got ringing in my left ear, headaches, and throughout the day, balance issues and dizziness," he said.

Davis said he was jailed in Cassville in 2015 on a total of 12 charges, ranging from domestic assault to destruction of personal property.

In the lawsuit it said Davis was in jail for 21 months, until the state dropped all the charges and released him.

Davis is now suing the former Barry County sheriff, the current sheriff and eight other jail staff members.

Davis said, "Knew very clearly what was happening at that jail and, once those assaults took place, what was actually happening with me."

The lawsuit said the jail staff admitted the inmates were dangerous, but still left them in the same pod as Davis.

He said he had PTSD before going into the jail, and now it's worse.

"I've got to be on medications not just let me sleep but keep me asleep," he said.

He also has to part his hair differently because of the scar on his head.

Davis said his dreams to finish law school are over.

But he said he still has faith in the justice system.

"I have to realize that just because somebody has one or two rotten apples doesn't mean the whole barrel is ruined," he said.

He hopes his lawsuit will help create change at the jail for the better.

Davis said, "Own up to the fact that this happened and it can't go on any longer."

Davis is still looking for an attorney to represent him in this case.

The Barry County Sheriff has not yet filed a response to his lawsuit, and declined to comment.