Man suing Southwest Airlines for landing at the wrong Branson airport in 2014

A man who was a passenger on the Southwest Airlines flight that landed at the wrong airport in 2014 is suing for damages.

The attorneys for Troy Haines say the incident caused him "mental anguish, fear, and anxiety."

Haines is seeking nearly $75,000 in damages.

In January of 2014, the commercial flight landed at the M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport instead of the Branson Airport, which is about six miles away.

Haines was heading from Chicago back to his home, at the time, in Taney County.

According to the petition filed by Attorney Tom Kapstrom, the captain of the flight had never flown into the Branson Airport before this incident and the first officer had only landed there one time before.

According to Kapstrom, Haines had flown into Branson many times and was familiar with the area around the airport. According to the petition, when Haines realized it was the wrong airport, he was "immediately struck with fear and anxiety over potentially crashing.”

Kapstrom says Haines, along with the 124 other passengers, experienced a very rough and frightening landing at The Downtown Airport, due to the short runway, causing Haines "mental anguish, fear, and anxiety."

Residents in the Branson/Hollister area remember the incident well. However, not all of them are convinced that this lawsuit is necessary.

"I think it's silly. The two airports, they're not too far apart," Logan Sheffield said. "Anymore, these days, it seems like everybody is just trying to make a fast buck."

However, Kapstrom claims that Haines isn't primarily after money, but is hoping the lawsuit will improve safety.

"It's about public safety. It's about your mom getting on an airplane and flying across the country," Kapstrom said. "Our client isn't looking for money. He did not want to hire a lawyer, but he felt like the seriousness of the situation wasn't being conveyed properly."

Southwest Airlines responded to request for comment with the following: "We are aware of the suit and the now-pending litigation prevents us from sharing any commentary outside of the legal process this customer has engaged."

Kapstrom, and the other attorney on the case Brandi Smith, are seeking video from inside the aircraft the day of the landing and/or additional information from other passengers. You can reach them at: 417-877-0697