Marion County Road Department working to fix washed-out roads after storm

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 3:27 PM CST
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It essentially took tank treads instead of tires to get down Marion County Road 3046 in Pyatt this morning.

It was a common scene across most of Marion County.

"With that much rain at one time it's hard to keep it from not washing the roads out," said Tony Struckle, the road foreman for the northern part of Marion County.

And this isn't the only road in the county affected by the weekend's storms, which brought in more than three inches to Marion County.

"Probably 70 percent of our roads," said Bobby Holt, the road foreman for the southern part of Marion County.

The road foremen say their own home roads were damaged due to flooding.

"You was able to get out with it. A car couldn't get out, but I was able to get out in my truck. They've come through either today or the day before and got it fixed," Struckle said.

But now they're continuing to work throughout the week to allow drivers to get through without popping a tire.

"Pull materials where you can back on the road. And make it smooth and we'll get back and go to the next one," Struckle said.

The Patton Slab on County Road 4010 in Pyatt was also one of many in the county where water made them useless.

"The bridges are the main concern. People can't cross them. Water running over them," Holt said.

But this is the last one in the county crews have to clear.

"They've got them stopped up. We've had a crew out most of the weekend," Holt said.

Between fuel and overtime, the storm will take a financial toll along with an emotional one.

But the road department plans to keep working until every road is fixed.

"And we do ask the citizens please drive safe because we will have crews out all over the county," Holt said.

Crews hope to have most of the roads fixed by the end of the week.

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