Marshfield Fire Protection District opens new fire station along A Highway

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WEBSTER COUNTY, MO. The Marshfield Fire Protection District is now working out of a newly built station on State Highway A, just south of Marshfield.

The new station will now be able to save people money on their insurance bills.

"Tonight we're celebrating the opening of the station and they're having a barbeque for everyone," President Tim Carlson, with Fire Board District, said. "When we passed the fire district 14 years ago, we went to the members of our district and we told them that our plan was to build five stations, out in the rural areas, five miles apart."

The new building is now fire station number four in the five-station plan. It will offer people who live nearby a cut back on their bill.

"The fact that this was built within five miles of their house would potentially be an immediate break from their insurance provider," Chief Michael Taylor, with the Marshfield Fire Protection District, said.

The location is close enough to serve people living outside of Marshfield, but far enough away to help other nearby agencies in an emergency.

"We're kind of close to the edge of Logan-Rogersville district and Southern Webster County Fire Protection District so it puts our assets to protect area agencies as well," Taylor said.

The Marshfield Fire Protection District is trying to make every dollar count.

"I want them to know we're doing the best we can with their tax dollars," Taylor said. "We turn 2,000 calls a year with volunteers primarily, so full-time staff is something we're looking towards, which comes to an expense."

Now the district is looking at future funding options to continue growing.

"The unfortunate reality is that we passed this tax back in 2006, and that was at 30-cents, and we've done about all we can do with that levy at this point, so at some point, we are going to have to look at additional funding avenues," Taylor said.

The next goal the fire district is working on will be to build a main district station. Leaders are also currently looking for more volunteers to support the growth.

The district ordered a fire engine for the new location. It should arrive next month.

The fire protection district could also merge with the Marshfield Fire Department, by January of 2019, the district would annex the city department into the protection district.

In January of 2019, make sure to update your insurance. Based on some quotes provided by a local insurance agent insurance savings could be up to $150 a year based on a $150,000 house.