'Me Too: Springfield' holds rally against sexual assault downtown

Published: Sep. 14, 2019 at 9:10 PM CDT
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"I am here today to say I won't be silent," said Gaebriel Allen.

Allen went to the Me Too Rally in downtown Springfield. He is a survivor of sexual assault, but he says its not just women who are victims.

"It's people of queer culture, and men too. We are here to show our support and we are going to show we will not be quiet," said Allen.

Allen says people did not believe him when he said he was raped.

"I was told I was lying because men can't be raped, men can't be victims and that's not true," said Allen.

Jordan Harris, President of the Springfield Me Too Organization, says the rally is to speak out against rape culture, sexual violence in our community, and to celebrate the resilience of the survivors of abuse.

This years rally featured an exhibit on the square showing what local survivors wore at the time of their assault.

"We believe no one should be sexually assaulted and no one should be blamed for their assault," said Harris.

Harris says she has a message for all those survivors who might feel isolated because of what happened to them.

"You are not alone. This is something we are going to support you through, we believe you, and we affirm you. You don't have to go through this by yourself," said Harris.