ON YOUR SIDE: Meat processors report spike in demand after plant closings

GOLDEN CITY, Mo. -- Ozarks meat processors are working hard to fill the demand for meat in the Ozarks.

A Golden City, Mo. processing plant is one of only three inspected by the USDA. Employees say they have noticed an increase in business over the past several weeks. Demand rose even more after other meat processing plants across the country started shutting down.

Robert Long bought Golden City Meats to assist area farmers. The plant processes beef, pork, even bison and elk. His customers come from as far as Kansas City to Fayetteville. They usually process 25 or 30 animals a week, but now they're trying to do 50 a week. Long hired on extra help to try and keep up with the demand.

They're booked through the rest of the year with about 150 more animals on the waiting list.

"We've quit taking appointments for the year, unfortunately, just because we are trying to take care of our regular customers that have been here all along, and we're just full up," said Long.

Longsays the problem is compounded by the fact a few other processing plants in southwest Missouri have stopped doing inspected product in the last year. And he says the most common reason facilities stop that is because of federal regulations.