Men In Black head to East Coast to help dialysis patients affected by hurricane

HARRISON, Ark. - Since Hurricane Katrina, Troy Burleson said his group, Men In Black Disaster Response Solutions, answers the call to action.

They work with Fresenius Kidney Care to make sure patients can get their dialysis.

"Because of evacuation, because of damage that might be because of flooding or no power, dialysis service is interrupted," Burleson said. "And a dialysis patient is three times a week, and it's very important that that rhythm is maintained."

The group's response to Hurricane Dorian was immediate, with about a dozen volunteers heading out Sunday from Harrison.

"Pulling all of our resources together: Our fuel tankers, our generators, our trailers, all the resources it's going to take to do recovery and response," Burleson said.

The Men In Black team has responded to more than 20 disasters in the area, from hurricanes, to floods, to tornadoes. But Burleson said the response to Hurricane Dorian has been a bit different.

"I think just the uncertainty of the timing of this. Whether it's going to come onshore, offshore, where to move the resources to, how to stage for it. It's just kind of been unpredictable," he said.

The storm ripped through the Bahamas and is now steadily creeping up the east coast.

Right now the team is in Florida doing what most are doing there, waiting.

"We like to be working and helping, and being on standby is kind of like a hurry up and wait. And I think everybody is ready to jump in and help," Burleson said.

He's anticipating this storm could eventually cause similar problems to hurricanes past.

"This is going to be sort of like Matthew and Florence. Both of those weren't really strong hurricanes, but it really had a lot of flooding, especially in North Carolina, South Carolina, there's just no place for the water to go, and so it floods," he said.

And the team is waiting to see what the next move will be.

"We will go to probably North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, there'll be some of those places flooded. There'll be people cut off. We will also be tasked with going in and finding those people, locating them and trying to bring them so they can get treatment," Burleson said.

​Some of the Men In Black may go over to the Bahamas to help and assist people on the island later on.