The latest advice on prostate cancer screening

Published: Nov. 9, 2017 at 9:04 AM CST
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Men are now being told to talk to their doctor about the PSA test.

The test screens men for prostate cancer. A U-S task force found the screenings do save lives.

In general, men 55 and older should ask about the test. But, if you have a father or grandfather diagnosed with prostate cancer. You should start screening at age 40.

A Mercy Urologist says if you're not sure about your family history of prostate cancer find a way to ask.

Dr. Mark Walterskirchen of Mercy Clinic Urology says, "Maybe it's sitting around on a Sunday watching the Chiefs game and saying, hey dad... what's our history? Does grandfather have any issues? That's a good way to open the dialogue and get into that discussion and finding out, I might be at risk. It can be uncomfortable. But, it's a very important discussion to have."

If prostate cancer is detected early, survival rates are 98-percent.

This story is part of our Movember series on Men's Health.

Men (like our own Paul Adler) are joining the effort by letting their beards grow in November. You can join in too by doing just one thing to improve your health. It could be catching cancer early. Just call your doctor and make an appointment.

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