Mercy Hospital in Springfield offers Midwifery Program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Caitlin Kissee is 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. She is preparing to give birth in one of the three midwife's suites at Mercy Hospital.

"I am due in three days," said Kissee

Kissee says using a midwife was a personal decision that she felt right for her family. She says she also wanted someone to be there to support her from start to finish.

"The thought of spending nine months with a physician who may or may not be the one who delivers my baby was a struggle for me," said Kissee

"You form a bond with these people and that's what gets you out of bed at 3 AM, you love them like they are your family," said Sarah Jones.

Sarah Jones is a certified nurse-midwife for Mercy Hospital.

Sarah says the interest in giving birth naturally, especially in a hospital, is picking up in Springfield.

"They get to have a midwife, get that more personalized care, but they know that there is OR is around the corner if they need it and there is a physician here if a c-section is necessary," said Jones.

Kissee says there are fewer restrictions when giving birth naturally. She says there is more room to move around, you're allowed to eat and drink and you can even bring your own food to put in the fridge.

She says if the mother changes her mind and wants an epidural, she can.

"The midwife would stay with them and again worth with that physician and the providers to make sure that again they can choose the birth experience that they want," said Kissee.

Jones says both Medicaid and insurance covers this program inside the hospital.

For women who are expecting or thinking of adding to their families, Mercy is offering them an opportunity to do a little research see if this option would be right for them.

The event will be on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 5 to 7 p.m. It will be held at the Mercy Kids entrance at 1235 E. Cherokee St., Springfield, Mo.