Local driving instructor offers tips to teach teen driving at home after Mercy ends program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Getting your teen time behind the wheel with an instructor isn’t an easy task.

Behind the wheel driving instruction is hard to find after Mercy closes their program.

Especially after Mercy announced last week that it would no longer be taking students for their driving program.

Roy Green, the owner of Roy Green Driving School, says this is a big hit. He has referred handfuls of students he couldn’t take on himself to Mercy.

“It's a real void with Mercy dropping their program,” Green says.

Mercy told KY3 in a statement it’s stopping its program but hoping another community partner can pick it up.

"As part of expense management efforts, Mercy Springfield is focusing our resources on core health care services. While we’ve been pleased to offer the Mercy Driving Program as a benefit to the community, we are ending the program on August 16, 2019. We’ve stopped accepting new students so we can dedicate our remaining sessions to our existing clients. However, we are talking with community partners about the possibility of continuing the service outside of Mercy."

For parents, this might mean practicing with your teen at home instead of working with an instructor.

Green says if you want to give it a go just make sure you find a nice open space and start slow.

“[Find a] big huge parking lots and start them at a slow pace. At least learn how to break and where's the steering wheel,” he says.

If you want to sign your teen up for classes here’s a list of some below:

Roy Green Driving School 417-773-4197 (Currently has a waitlist)
Jim Pendergrass Driving School 417-459-3553 (Has driving times available listed on Facebook page)
CoxHealth Driving Course offered July 15. 417-269-0920 (Not behind-the-wheel but interactive)
Traffic Safety Awareness 417-732-2091 (No behind-the-wheel instruction)

Note: Springfield Public Schools does offer an online drivers ed course but it doesn’t include behind the wheel instruction.