Miller schools celebrate successful first year with 4-day weeks

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MILLER, Mo. (KY3) When the Miller school district got on board with the 4 day school week idea for the first time this year, it wasn't clear if it would be a success.

The school board wanted to offer 3 day weekends to staff, to be more competitive in attracting good teachers.

"Many of our teachers may commute from Springfield area, Republic, and doing a 4 day school week does give them an opportunity to commute and have one less day of commute time to and from school," says Miller superintendent Dr. Dustin Storm.

However, parents worried about finding child care on Mondays.

"I was a little nervous just because I have a younger child and wasn't sure on care for him, but I'm one of the lucky ones that has family around so that was handled and I think it's went well actually," says Tiffany Lung, a parent of 7th and 3rd graders in Miller.

Enrollment was actually up this year, boosted by former home-schoolers.

Friday is the last day of class in Miller, as students rush towards summer break. On Thursday they have a fun run and field day. As they finish the school year, the consensus on the 4 day school week is mostly positive.

"A lot of the kids were like, 'yeah, yeah, lets do it', but my kids were a little worried about it, but now it's been fine and they enjoy it," says Lung.

The district says they saved some money on utilities and fuel for buses, and they did get more teacher applications because the new schedule is so popular.

When asked if he enjoys the long weekends, long-time Miller high school teacher Lyle Whittaker laughed, "Yes!... Some of us on staff here, we maybe rub that in other school districts face a little bit, but I think the big positive is that it actually brought to the classroom teacher maybe a sense of urgency when they're in the classroom. And I think that we'll see our achievement test scores even improve."

Parents like Lung say kids can get more homework done on Mondays since they're not in class.

"It's nice, you can kinda have mini vacations throughout the school year where you can have a three day week with your kid," says Lung.

It's such a success, they've already scheduled next year with 4 day weeks too.

A professor at MSU is studying the performance and reaction to the 4 day school week at Miller, Stockton, and Pierce City.