Minimum wage in Missouri rises to $9.45 an hour

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Charles La is the manager at La Boba Cafe on Sunshine Street, serving anything from rolled ice cream to smoothies to snow cones.

"We have been here three years, going on four now," said La.

Charles says there are eight staff members, including himself at the shop. He says employee pay starts at minimum wage, but La says the rise in pay might cause some problems for the business.

"I just hope that with people making more money they will spend more money," said La.

Private businesses will now be expected to pay employees $9.45 an hour. La says this $.85 increase might force some businesses to make changes.

"One is probably raising prices, some businesses might do that," said La.

The law also states employers are required to pay tipped employees such as wait staff or bartenders at least 50% of the minimum wage, plus their tips to make sure they are making $9.45 an hour.

Sean Donohoe, a bartender, and manager at a bar in downtown Springfield say while the increase in pay will be nice, there is also a downfall.

"You might have to cut back on staff and they might not get those hours because you gotta make that minimum requirement," said Donohoe.

"We are just going to see how it goes and adjust accordingly," said La.

The Missouri Department of Labor says the rise in minimum wage will take effect starting January 1.