Missouri Dept. of Conservation offers permit “auto-renewal" service

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/KSPR) - Renewing Missouri hunting, fishing, and trapping permits is now easier than ever with the Missouri Department of Conservation’s new online permit auto-renewal service.

Permit auto-renewal allows online permit buyers to automatically renew their permits before the start of the next season or permit year so they never have an expired permit.

Francis Skalicky, the Media Specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, said the technology improvement has nothing to do with any changes in the number of permits. "In Missouri, numbers for hunting and fishing permits have held pretty steady," stated Skalicky. "However, we do know that more and more people are going to technology so what we're trying to do is just utilize that technology."

Participation in auto-renewal is voluntary and can only be activated by a permit buyer. Enrollment can be done during an online permit purchase or by using the “Manage Your Account” feature on the Missouri Department of Conservation's web page. The Auto-Renewal service will send personalized email updates to participants, including 30-day and seven-day reminders of upcoming permit renewals. Skalicky clarified that the new program is "automatic" in the fact that people can now renew permits from their home. He continued, stating nothing will be charged or renewed without the customers approval.

Skalicky talked about which permits can and can't be renewed with the new service. "Most of your permits are auto-renewable," he said. "The ones that aren't are things like the antler-less deer permits, which is basically a bonus archery or fire-arms permit that it changes from year to year what the quotas in the counties are."

Permit buyers must have a valid email address and credit card to participate. There are no additional fees for the service.