Missouri House, Senate decline to override Governor Parson's six vetoes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Both chambers of the Missouri General Assembly have declined to override any of the vetoes issued by Governor Mike Parson from the 2019 regular legislative session.

State Sen. Jason Holsman, D-Kansas City, proposed the Viking funeral bill. It would have allowed funeral directors to perform cremations at an outdoor human cremation facility, but only by a licensed funeral director.

In his veto message, Governor Parson said in part, “The burial of our loved ones or the disposal of their remains is deeply personal and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. Without more thorough vetting to ensure that outdoor cremations can be conducted in a manner that fully disposes of the entire remains while also addressing the health and safety concerns of individuals who may be impacted nearby, I am not comfortable with allowing these types of ceremonies to be conducted in our state."

This is the third time a governor has vetoed a bill that would allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet, if they had health insurance, in the last 20 years.

Parson joins Governor Mel Carnahan, who vetoed a similar motorcycle helmet bill in 1999, and Governor Jay Nixon did so in 2009.

Neither vetoes in 1999 or 2009 were overridden.