Missouri Republicans gather for Lincoln Days in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Dozens packed the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center Saturday night in Springfield for Lincoln Days.

Lincoln Days is an opportunity for the Republican Party to hold a rally before Missouri's presidential primary on Tuesday, March 10.

Organizers say there was an overwhelmingly positive response for the sold out event. Members of the Missouri Republican Party from all across the state gathered for Lincoln Days.

The event marked a major fundraising opportunity for the political party in Greene County and an opportunity for the community to learn about the party's goals and the issues.

Guests heard from several speakers, including special guest Kellyanne Conway, who serves on the counsel to President Trump.

Conway spoke about the fight against the opioid epidemic and more job availability. She says President Trump is also working to make healthcare more affordable for Missourians.

"The President is ending surprise medical billing," says Conway. "We have heard from so many Americans that they show up at the emergency room or they go for an MRI, they have no idea that it was out of network or that it was going to be more expensive down the street than where they are. So between transparency and ending surprise medical billing the President is making great strides."

The Greene County Democrats will hold their own celebration and fundraiser this upcoming April.

KY3 News talked to the Greene County Democratic Party in regards to Lincoln Days. Executive director Sam Smith says he is not in favor of the Republican Party bringing in Kellyanne Conway to speak at Lincoln Days.

"I am against them bringing in a speaker that is against anti-labor unions," says Smith. "I think that's something we want to emphasize. They haven't really highlighted her work on labor rights, which we think is really important to do. We are the people of the working people, and we think their voices should be heard."

Smith says he does like to see the Republican officer holders in the area and hearing from their constituents. He believes his party also has a good shot in winning, both nationally and statewide, in the upcoming election.