Missouri State University cancels classes Monday before 4 p.m. for traveling students

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Missouri State University canceled classes beginning Monday before 4 p.m. because of bad weather in the state.

The university is worried about students returning from winter break back to Springfield. The first day of the winter semester begins Monday.

The school reminds students classes after 4 p.m. will happen. The Greenwood Lab School and the Child Development center will be open normal hours.

The university asks students to be safe and smart and use care when traveling to campus.

"I just had to go a lot slower during the really snowy part," said Missouri State University sophomore Darby Halle. "I was kind of scared in the beginning," added roommate Kaley Jefferies, also a sophomore. "Because there were so many cars on the side of the road."

Darby and Kaley braved the snow and ice to make it back to Missouri State for the start of classes. Both of them driving back from just outside Kansas City.

For Julia, a freshman from St. Louis, it was the same thing.

"It just depending on the person I think," Julia Scraioni said. "I was just ready to come back."

And others, they prepared ahead of time. Coming back to Springfield last week...

Sophomore Jakob Halphin said, "I saw the forecast and was like, ehhh I'll come back to Missouri State a little quicker .".

But Missouri State University wasn't taking any chances when it came to student safety. Issuing an alert today, cancelling all classes before 4 p.m. on Monday. And, students seem to agree that it was a good idea.

"A lot of people would probably have rushed here in the snow where it's unsafe, so I do think it was a good idea," said Jeffries.

"My friend went up for the Chief's game, and his mom wont let him come back yet," Halphin added.

Halle said, "My friend is in Florida, and she can't get back yet because her flight is delayed."

MSU sent out the class cancellation to students by phone alert, email, and posted on their website. Taking off some of the pressure for students wanting to start the semester off right.

"I'm glad that there was another day for my friends that are waiting till tomorrow," Scraioni said. "My roommate is waiting till tomorrow cause she didn't feel comfortable driving. "

And for the ones that did make it back, they're looking forward to an extra day to relax, and aren't too worried about falling behind.

"I don't think it will matter too much," explained Halle. "Because those classes will just start up on Wednesday."