Missouri State's 'Tinderella' couple finally meet; freshman emailed every Claudia at university to get a date

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 10:26 PM CST
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While scanning through the profiles on the dating app Tinder, Hayden Moll meant to swipe right for a chance to match with a girl named Claudia. Instead, he "accidentally swiped left and that's how this all started," Hayden said. By swiping left, he got rid of Claudia's profile forever.

Rather than letting the rookie mistake cost him a potential love connection, the Missouri State University freshman and self-described introvert put his New Year's resolution into play; he said, "Just taking more chances and things, so that's I guess what lead to this."

Hayden emailed a letter to Claudia. Since he didn't know which Claudia was the one from Tinder, he sent a note to every single Claudia at Missouri State.

"I'm really glad there's only 42 because I mean if it was a more common name it would have taken a lot longer to find every single one of them," Hayden explained.

His persistence paid off.

Once Claudia Alley realized the letter was meant for her, she responded. The story blew up and was even on the Today Show, which left Claudia with a lot to explain to her mom.

"She didn't know I had a Tinder or a Twitter. So I was like I'm just not going to tell her and then it got huge, and she found out on the radio," Claudia said.

After smoothing things over with her mom, the big question now is will Claudia and Hayden go on a date? "Our school schedules are very busy, so we're still trying to work with that, but I could see it," she said.

She added that she was flattered Hayden went to great lengths to try to get a date with her. In case there is a future dinner or movie together, the pair met recently to break the ice. Claudia said it wasn't awkward and they got along well. Hayden agreed and added that she was beautiful.

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