Student survey shows decrease in teenagers using e-cigarettes in Greene County

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 6:18 PM CDT
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The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is proud of the results of a recent Missouri Student Survey.

"Our tag line is saving one breath at a time," said Springfield-Greene County Community Wellness Coordinator, Cara Erwin.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department says students in the county are taking that message seriously.

"In 2020 it showed that e-cigarette use went down twenty percent from 2018," said Erwin.

Community Wellness Coordinator Cara Erwin said that data comes from the students.

"Missouri Student Survey is conducted once a year," said Erwin. "It's a survey where students are surveyed on their behaviors and perceptions on substance abuse."

Erwin said three main components are the reason it went down in Greene County.

The age being raised to purchase tobacco and e-cigarettes, the lung related illnesses from e-cigarettes and the health department's education seminars on the dangers of smoking.

Erwin said students were surveyed before the pandemic caused them to work from home.

"We're not going to know the outcome of those two months they were out of school until the next survey is taken," said Erwin.

The health department said it's going to continue its efforts to educate students on the dangers behind e-cigarettes.

"When we set our goal in 2018 we wanted to keep our numbers flat," said Erwin. "We though it would be a miracle. To see a 20% decrease, it was phenomenal."