Missouri bill calls for police to 'affirmatively enforce' clause to stop women from having abortions

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(KY3/KSPR) -- A new Missouri bill would mandate law enforcement officers to actively try to prevent women from having an abortion.

Rep. Mike Moon (R- Ash Grove) proposed House Bill 1799, also known as the Right to Due Process Act, earlier this year.

The proposal would require police and the courts to “affirmatively enforce” the Missouri constitution’s due process clause (Article I, Section 10), which guarantees legal rights to people and specifies that "no person must be deprived of life, liberty,or property without due process of law."

It also redefines an "unborn child" as "child in a women's womb" who has the same constitutional rights as any other citizen. The bill calls for police and courts to ultimately deem having an abortion to be equivalent to carrying out murder.

Moon also introduced a piece of legislation, House Bill 2285, to "abolish" abortion in Missouri, specifically citing “murder by abortion”. It would criminalize woman for having a pregnancy terminated in cases of rape and incest.

Currently, the Right to Due Process Act only has one co-sponsor, while the latter has none.

The bills come after a proposed eight-week abortion ban in Missouri, at or after eight weeks of pregnancy, was blocked by a federal judge last year.