Mo. Gov. Eric Greitens launches new ad in fight to stay in office

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Hitting first on social media and Wednesday night on television screens across the state, embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is on the offensive in a new ad claiming charges have been dismissed.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) leaves the St. Louis Civil Court building on 5/14/2018 after the St. Louis Circuit Attorney dropped the felony invasion of privacy charge he was indicted on in February 2018.

While charges have been dismissed in one case, the governor still faces two felony counts in Missouri courts.

"He's not even saying, 'I didn't do it.' He's saying, 'The liberals and George Soros are attacking me just like they attack your conservative reps,'" said Drury political science professor Dr. Justin Leinaweaver.

While there have been multiple calls for the governor to resign, Greitens has made it clear he has no plans to do so. Instead the governor is standing his ground as he stares down the barrel of an impeachment process

The voice-over on the new television ad in support of Greitens says in part, "Stand with Navy Seal Eric Greitens and conservative legislators."

"Really this is, 'I want you to think of me like your state rep,' and 'I want your state rep to know that his or her supporters also think of me that way, which means when it comes to vote impeachment, you can't,'" Leinaweaver said.

Leinaweaver believes the governor is running out of strategies as prominent members of his own party are leading the impeachment charge. He said it appears the plan now is to convince those lawmakers that their constituents would not understand a vote to remove the governor from office.

"Is there a world in which the fire on this is allowed to just subside? I could see that happening," Leinaweaver said.

The two felony counts the governor still faces are connected to a charity he founded and how prosecutors allege he may have used a donor list illegally.