Missouri lawmaker proposes bill allowing conceal and carry on public transportation

Published: Jan. 1, 2019 at 2:52 PM CST
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While public transportation is a gun free zone right now, Senator Bob Onder in Missouri would like to change that.

Senator Onder said, "Often one of the most dangerous places where a citizen can be he or she cannot carry the means to defend themselves and worse yet its a felony to do so."

Senator Onder said, "In every state where conceal and carry laws have been passed violent crime rates have gone down and in some cases no change." He also said, "So the moral of the story is if the bad guys don't abide by the law, don't abide by gun laws so gun free zones whether it be on public transit or elsewhere really just creates zone where criminals know that they can rob, they can harass, they can assault the public with impunity."

But City Utilities, which runs the public buses in Springfield, thinks the safety measures they already have in place don't call for any changes in the law.

"Drivers are in constant contact with dispatch so if something were to happen we could notify our dispatch immediately, we also have communication with 911 so we have the ability to make communication very rapidly," said CU's Joel Alexander.

Senator Onder says his bill was filed in December of 2018. And if everything goes successfully it could possibly become law by this upcoming August 2019.