MoDOT prepares for first winter blast in the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- With possible snow flurries this week, the people paid to clear our roads are getting ready for winter a little earlier than normal.

Today MoDOT held its annual winter training drill.

"Our job is to get the roads clear and safe for our customers," said Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Cody Jones.

That means preparing for whatever old man winter plans to throw our way.

"We pre-treat our roads with the sanders and once the precipitation falls. We will stop at that point and we'll start plowing off and just try to get the roads back open and clear as soon as possible," said Jones.

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Cody Jones, say depending on the weather they can have up to 27 trucks out at a time and with that their main focus is

"Safety is our number one. It's what we strive here at MoDOT and so we just want to make sure everything is safe and ready to go," explained Jones.

Accomplishing that takes a lot of preparation for MoDOT's new truck and plow drivers.

"We also get our new hires, all the people we hired recently. We give them a chance to get out in the trucks, make a circle, check their routes, and look for turn around spots and things like that," explained Jones.

Which often have to have new blades installed on the front, and salt loaded in the back. When the trucks are out clearing your streets,
remember to give them plenty of room and do not pass them.

"When you see our trucks out, use caution and watch out and be prepared to stop for us," said Jones.

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