More details released following double murder in Marion County, Arkansas

DE SOTO TOWNSHIP, Ark. - Over Labor Day weekend, Marion County sheriff's deputies received a 911 call from a woman saying there was a shooting at a home just 10 miles south of Yellville, off of Highway 14 south.

"They discovered two victims with gunshot wounds and the suspect was still on scene when they arrived," Marion County Sheriff Clinton Evans said.

Deputies arrested 32-year-old Donald Beckwith Jr. In an affidavit, they said he admitted to shooting his uncle, 59-year-old David White, and his grandfather, 89-year-old William White, after a verbal argument turned into a physical one.

Beckwith Jr.'s son was also there and told deputies the uncle had punched Beckwith Jr.

"Led to a physical altercation, and then at that point it's my understanding that Mr. Beckwith went into the house and came out with a handgun," Evans said.

Beckwith Jr. says he shot and killed his uncle then told deputies his grandfather came outside to try to stop him.

Evans said, "When he went to push him back, his grandfather actually fell in front, or in the line of fire."

Beckwith Jr. said he called his girlfriend and asked her to call police after the shootings.

Deputies said the two men were found dead under tarps when they got to the house. David White had multiple gunshot wounds, and William White had one.

The gun was unloaded and found on the couch.

Although deputies said Beckwith Jr. admitted to both shootings, a judge's note said he is pleading not guilty to the charges.

"No matter what time of year something like this takes place, it's very unusual in this area for something like this - of this significance - to happen," Evans said.

Beckwith Jr. is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, which are Class Y felonies.If convicted, Beckwith Jr. could face 10-40 years in prison in Arkansas for each count.