Most common questions about the 'Stay Home Order' answered

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Greene County’s Stay Home order went into effect Thursday morning.

Greene County's stay at home order went into effect Wednesday night.

For the next 30 days, travel and business deemed non-essential has to stop. And as simple as that sounds, it’s not. KY3 asked viewers what questions they had about the order and worked to get answers. The most common are below:

How will the order be enforced? Will there be police checkpoints verifying what I’m doing? Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams says no.

"We are not going to be setting points and looking for papers,” Williams tells KY3. “First, there is nothing issued that says this is to drive or this is to work or anything else. Secondly, we are focusing on policing and keeping everybody safe in everything that we do. This is just one more thing.”

“If people just comply and stay at home and don't put themselves in a position where they might be found in violation, there is absolutely nothing to fear from the police department," he adds.

What happens if I do get caught violating the order?
"Like with any other municipal ordinance officers have wide discretion on how they're going to handle that,” Williams says. “The ordinance does provide for a citation or an arrest should that be the case."

He says that like anything it will ultimately be up to the courts to decide if you get a citation, what fines or maybe even jail time looks like. But they are not patrolling for violators.

I’m in the middle of closing my house. Will the process be affected?
“It will definitely will change the way that we do business,” Austin Plummer from The Plummer Group tells KY3. “But it should not have any effect on actually closing on your house and going through the inspection and repairs and stuff like that. So all of those categories and professions are deemed essential.”

Am I allowed to do the whole moving part though?
Yes! The city of Springfield deems moving essential.

I share custody of my kids, will visitation change?
"For visitation, your parenting time is not affected by the extended school closures,” Shelly Renee’Reece, Attorney, tells KY3. “The courts have issued that the original published calendar for the school year shall control for all circumstances"

In other words, whatever has been decided by the court will continue.

But can my partner come from in and out of the state or county for visitation? Absolutely. This is deemed essential travel!