Mother, infant daughter survive possible tornado in Polk County

Published: Jan. 11, 2020 at 8:53 PM CST
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A Polk County man said he considers his family's survival of a severe storm a miracle..

A possible tornado ripped through Fair Play Friday night leaving a wake of destruction in its path.

"It's a true act of god is all it is," said Bailey Jacobs. There is no rhyme or reason to it. She shouldn't be here right now, none of them should.

Jacobs was working Friday night in Fair Play when his phone buzzed, announcing a tornado warning in the area.

"I heard the sirens go off," he said.

He immediately called his wife to see if she and their one year-old daughter were headed for shelter.

"She made a little comment something like what tornado, had no idea, and then it sounded like the house exploded," he explained.

Jacobs left work, rushing home to his family, expecting the worst.

"My family died," he said. That's it. I lost them. That's all I thought.

Debris covered the roads to his house. Jacobs eventually abandoned his truck and ran the rest of the way home, still unable to reach his wife.

"I was just calling out their names hoping for any type of response," he said. "I finally got the call they were at the emergency room."

His wife says the storm threw her out of the house. She kept their daughter wrapped in her arms.

"She says she could feel the house get picked up and the house just started rolling," explained Jacobs.

His wife drover herself to the hospital.

Jacobs said that although his house is a total loss he's thankful for the only things in the world that actually matter.

"This stuff means absolutely nothing compared to having those guys with me," he said.

Jacobs said his wife, one year-old daughter and unborn child have been examined by doctors and are expected to be just fine.