Mother says daughter's life changed completely before her death

Published: Dec. 7, 2017 at 2:23 PM CST
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An autopsy is set for Friday for the body of a 20-year-old woman found dead alongside Greene County Farm Road 83 just south of Bois D’Arc.

Devin Briley's mother said everyone called her daughter by her middle name Zoey. Mother Jessica Jensen said Zoey was a happy and normal kid, but everything changed after she graduated from high school.

"I was trying everything I could to say, 'Hey, I'm still here, and she was like, 'Well, mom, I'm noticing you're trying now, but it's too late,'" Jensen said.

It was a desperate time for Jensen when her daughter seemed to become depressed. Jensen believes negative relationships and the pressures of being a new mom weighed heavily on the then 19-year-old.

"The only thing with my knowledge I come up with and my opinion would be postpartum depression or something, because she just completely changed, like a chemical in her head or something after she had the baby," Jensen said.

Jensen said the Devin 'Zoey' Briley became entangled with drugs including heroin and eventually meth.

"When she started cutting her hair off and picking at her face, I knew something was up. I didn't know what to do," Jensen said.

Jensen said she was unable to reach her daughter. The last contact she received was a text message from her on Monday telling her mother not to worry. That was just two days before passersby found her body on a country road.

"I want to get the autopsy, find out exactly what happened, then I can base my opinion off that," she said.

Investigators said they did not believe the young woman's body had been on the road for more than 24 hours. Investigators and family hope to learn more from the autopsy.