Springfield mother seeks answers after home hit in drive-by shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A Springfield family is concerned for their safety after their house was shot more than a dozen times early in the morning on Saturday, May 11.

Stephanie Courtney says shots rang out around three in the morning.

"Those bullets went through my whole entire house," said Courtney. "I've got you know, multiple people-- my kids were all sleeping, they could have just killed them in their sleep."

The family says at least a dozen shots tore through the walls and windows of their home, sending their children running for cover.

"I could have woke up today and been burying my kids today, or they could have been burying me, it's ridiculous," said Courtney.

That gunfire also blasted through the bedroom of Stephanie's oldest son, Evan. Bullet holes pierced the window just inches above his bed.

"I realized that if I was laying the other way in my bed I possibly wouldn't be here," explained Evan. "Cause I heard two shots, and I woke up and sat up-- but if I was laying the other way... yeah."

Courtney called the police but said when officers arrived, she was confused by the response.

"Their main concern was well you must have really pissed somebody off," said Courtney.

She says the officers left without collecting all the evidence.

"I've got bullets in the walls and in my water tank," explained Courtney. "They pulled the bullets out of my neighbor's truck, but didn't pull the bullets out of anything in my house."

Courtney says she wants them to find who did this.

"They acted like they didn't really want to investigate it," said Courtney. "Even if we pissed somebody off it doesn't matter-- you don't take a gun to somebody's house and start shooting it up."

Courtney says she called the police back to her home later that morning when she found even more shell casings.

"I found another bullet casings there's even *more bullet casings over there that I found, that they haven't even collected. Why do I have to collect your evidence?"

Courtney says she doesn't know what's going to happen next.

"We'll probably find somewhere else to live or something," said Courtney. "I don't even know how to move forward from something like that."

A statement from the Springfield Police Department reads:

"Due to this being an active investigation, we cannot release further details about the incident at this time. But we understand how terrifying this incident must have been for the residents on Lynn Street and ensure them that the Springfield Police Department will thoroughly investigate this crime.

We ask that anyone who has information regarding this incident to please contact the Springfield Police Department at 417-864-1810, or if you wish to remain anonymous, to call or text the information to Crime Stoppers at 417-864-TIPS (8477)."