Mount Vernon King Cash Saver closing down

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MOUNT VERNON, Mo By Christmas day, the King Cash Saver in Mount Vernon will not longer be open. And the company says that the utility rates for the store were just too much to stay in business.
"We may be a little higher than some but we try to be competitive."
said Max Springer, city administrator for Mount Vernon.
Springer says city hall and King Cash Saver tried to prevent the closing.
"I thought we were trying to get something on it to help them out come the first of the year." said Springer.
The company says their store in Mount Vernon was paying around 40% more for power for stores in nearby markets.
Customers are surprised that they'll have to shop somewhere else.
"It seems packed every time I come by." said Dee Adams.
"Stores come and go here a lot lately, and I don't understand why. I thought they were doing pretty good." said Lori Smith.
The company told us many factors contribute to closings, but the cost of utilities flipped the switch. And that more energy efficient equipment wasn't enough.
Springer said that the city wanted to help the grocer out, but had to keep it fair to all other customers.
"When you look at a commercial base you have to look at all the customers. Everybody has to be treated fairly." said Springer.
As for the future of the building, the company said it was to-be-determined.